Welcome to Bruce RC Engines!

(Updated Aug 28, 2020) After 8 years of repairing and selling RC engines as a retirement hobby/business, I am retiring again. It has been an interesting esperience and most enjoyable, mainly because of the customers with whom I have developed congenial relationships. I thank all of you who have supported my venture, and given me some chuckels along the way. I have got a few engines left, as you can see. Make me an offer, and I will see what I can do. I expect my web site will be up another month before I close it down. Thank you all aagain, and happy flying.

Does your old engine look like this? Your Old Engine
Toss it out and get one that looks like this! Your New Engine

RC engines are engineering marvels. I am amazed at what they do, and how simple is their construction. Also, they last a long time, and generally outlive the plane on which they were mounted. Some of those engines find their way to me. I revitalize them and put them up for sale. Take a look at what I have in my inventory listed on the following pages.